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Hot tub supplies

Certain hot tub supplies are a must have for any spa owner. Chemicals, for example, are an essential part of tub maintenance and will have to be purchased regularly. Items such as beverage holders and hot tub toys are discretionary. With proper care most of the parts will last the life of the tub, but odds are at some point replacements and/ or repairs will be needed.

Crucial hot tub supplies include:
• A spa cover and/or thermal blanket.
• Filters and water pumps.
• Chemicals, cleaners and test kits.
• Heaters, heater components and thermometers.

Even with routine maintenance and proper operation certain problems cannot be avoided. So, it’s a good idea to look into a service plan and/or extended warranty when buying a spa. It may cost a little extra up front but can save time and money in the future. Hot tub supplies are widely available on the Web and wherever spas are sold.


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