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Hot tubs FAQs

Q. What’s the difference between a spa and a hot tub?

A. Nowadays, the terms hot tub and spa are used interchangeably. It used to be that “spa” referred to a heated tub with jets, usually made from acrylic. A “hot tub” was a wooden tank, filled with water, heated and equipped with jets. Acrylic tubs became much more popular because they are easier to maintain and feature a contoured design.

Q. What’s the difference between a portable spa and a regular spa.

A. A portable spa is simply any spa that is not built into the ground. So, if you’re shopping for a spa in a showroom, you’re shopping for a portable spa. In-ground spas are rare these days because they are generally more expensive and difficult to install and maintain than portable spas.

Q. How can I cut energy costs while running my hot tub?

A. The best way to save some money on electricity is a quality spa cover. The vast majority of heat escapes upward. When a hot tub loses heat, the heater works overtime and utility bills rise. Generally, the thicker a spa cover is, the better it will work.

Q. What kinds of chemicals will I need to use in my spa?

A. Chemicals are a vital part of hot tub maintenance. In order to keep your hot tub clean, safe and functioning properly you will need:
• Sanitizers- To disinfect and purify spa water.
• Shock- To break down oils and organic matter
• Balancing Chemicals- To adjust and maintain pH and TA levels.
• Cleaners- To keep your tub, cover and filters looking and working like new.
The actual chemicals used in these products vary widely but their purpose remains the same.


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