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Hot tub chemicals

A variety of hot tub chemicals perform different tasks to ensure that a hot tub remains a hospitable environment. Some keep water clean, clear or chemically balanced. Others work to keep the tub itself clean and functioning properly. Spa owners need to become familiar with many different chemicals, their purpose and how to use them.

Requisite hot tub chemicals include:
• Sanitizers- Disinfect and purify spa water.
• Shock- Breaks down oils and organic matter
• Balancing Chemicals- Adjust and maintain pH and TA levels.
• Clarifiers- Achieve crystal clear spa water.
• Metal Reducers- Defend the hot tub from scale deposits and stains.
• Cleaners- Keep your tub, cover and filters looking and working like new.

Dealing with so many different hot tub chemicals can be confusing. An understanding of the chemicals should be achieved first. Then a routine can be developed. If questions arise, consult product labels for instructions and explanations.


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