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Hot tub accessories

Fun hot tub accessories can amuse, entertain and add convenience to a spa. For the kids there are floating animals and wind-up toys. Floating game boards and stereos offer a pleasant diversion to all ages. Most people just want to unwind when they hit the hot tub. For them, there are plenty of accessories designed to make the experience even more relaxing.

Pillows and padded seats add comfort and support where needed. Manual and automatic massagers will soothe spots jets can’t reach. Crystals and aromatherapy oils are specifically designed for spa use and can reinvigorate weary hot tubers. The only problem with these hot tub accessories is that they may work too well, so don’t fall asleep in the tub.

No-slip steps, ladders and hand rails make getting in and out of the spa safe and easy. There are side tables, towel racks and even towel warmers so when you’re ready to get out you won’t be left in the cold. Then again, add a floating cooler, spa table and some beverage holders and you may not want to get out. Make the most of your time in the spa with hot tub accessories.


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